05 October 2006

Java binaries for FreeBSD

You know, some of us will like to reminisce about the old days of getting Java on FreeBSD. You could't just type "make install" because a manual download was required. You had to go to a Sun website, create an account, dig around for the right SCSL source files, then check off on some license agreement, then go to another site for the FreeBSD patches, check off on something else. After all of this, you'd better have a good book ready because, even on a fast machine, compiling Java was going to take some serious time, like hours.

Yes, some will like to recall the days before things were so easy. We had to walk to school, in the snow, uphill, manually download source code, and then compile it on an abacus, by candle light! ... But, we sure as hell won't try to relive them. We'll go to the FreeBSD Foundation and download the licensed, compatibility tested binaries. The entire download/install process should take less time than it took you to read this post! Big kudos to the FreeBSD Foundation.



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